I am not the typical photographer.

I'm a grey-haired grandmother who used to be an artist. I guess I still am, I've just switched my medium. I don't juggle colored pencils or dab watercolors any more. Now I wander around the Southwest with a couple of cameras and photo gear snuggled in a backpack and shoot anything that captures my fancy or interest.

It's turned into a family affair with my husband and all three young grandchildren toting cameras and snapping away wherever we go. Almost every outing has turned into an excuse for the family to take pictures en masse. Three-, five- and eight- year old children maneuvering for a perfect shot are joyous sight.

Just as enjoyable as taking the pictures is sitting comfortably with LightRoom and PhotoShop where the hours pass happily as I turn my photos into art. I am not a photo purist. I'm a photo painter. Some photos are turned into multi media paintings, but most remain photographic.

Photography as art. This is what I create.
Panasonic has picked up several of my photos for display on their 4K ultra high definition television and projection systems, to be displayed around the world at the European, Asian and American trade shows.

Additionally, I was provided the opportunity to fix a corrupted NASA frame from footage taken of the space station for a time-lapse sequence.

Lauren Martin creates her art with HDR and Infrared Photographs taken in the Four Corners area. She lives in Bayfield, Co which is outside of Durango. Her home base is conveinently located near Mesa Verde, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Aztec, Hovenweep, Chimney Rock, Canyon of the Ancients and Chinle National Monuments.